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Tastes like Nostalgia

It wasn’t until after my grandmother passed away that I learned the value of nostalgia.  There were Sundays that went by where the household was split up and the communication between people grew more and more distant.  Months could go by before I saw my sibling or my parents. When she was alive, Sundays were… Continue reading Tastes like Nostalgia

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Reflections on Completion

On many websites and blogs, you can find information about what to do while you are writing a novel.  These gives you tips on best practices and styles and practices to avoid.  You can even find blogs on what to do with your work once you have finished writing it.  It is as easy to… Continue reading Reflections on Completion

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The Problem with Building Basements

*Note* For there are some mild spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead I am an avid comic book fan.  Comics is something myself and my brother share in common as he is the one that introduced me to comic books. We share several titles that we love together and share in.  One of these is… Continue reading The Problem with Building Basements

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Why Shee’s Wrath?

There was a time I thought to do this whole website in a clean and professional manner.  That hasn't gone well. As I’ve come to accept, I can be professional, but there is and always will be a level of eccentric behavior to my being.  So I and my website are embracing this known fact.… Continue reading Why Shee’s Wrath?