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The Importance of a Background

I have a guilty pleasure in crime documentaries, particularly the ones that involve the lead up to a crime and a deeper understanding of the perpetrators in the crime.  I am fascinated by their methodology and the sequence of events that lead up to the moment that the crime is committed.  For me, it is… Continue reading The Importance of a Background

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What is Roleplay?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, roleplay means 'to act out the role of'.  A simple google search can pull up more defined variations of this.  my personal favorite being the definition 'to act out or perform the part of a person or character, for example as a technique in training or psychotherapy.'  In all of… Continue reading What is Roleplay?

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Why Shee’s Wrath?

There was a time I thought to do this whole website in a clean and professional manner.  That hasn't gone well. As I’ve come to accept, I can be professional, but there is and always will be a level of eccentric behavior to my being.  So I and my website are embracing this known fact.… Continue reading Why Shee’s Wrath?