The Quiet

I have been quiet the past week.  This is largely because school is kicking into high gear and also because I have been anxious.  This is something that occurs frequently for me. One day, I’ll delve into this topic. For now, I’ll simply state and move right on to the main point. What’s that point, you say?  Blogging. That is what this is, after all. A blog.

I have a fair good Humanities courses this semester and from a high level of humanities courses comes a higher saturation of humanities based ideologies.  This week, there has been a great deal of classism and mass media. I’m not going into the strong details of either, though both would be great stories. No, I’m going to stay as general as possible.  This is an exercise in thought for me as a place for me to ramble. Hello, internet. Listen to my ramble.

Many sociologists are highly interested in mass media and its reflection upon culture.  Given we cannot even go a day without seeing an ad on your phone, on your computer screen.  Wait, let’s backtrack that thought. Given we as a culture cannot go a day without looking at our phone for something other than answering a phone call, media has a big influence upon us.  

Now I know what you are thinking.  “Random blogging person, how is texting my friend part of mass media?”  Well, think about the process to which you have received that phone. You most likely have something that you feel is better than the rest.  Something that you are paying a monthly fee on your cell phone bill so you can have the fastest processor and the best photos to take selfies on. I know this because I too recently updated my own smartphone from a Google Pixl XL to a Note 9.  My partner, Mori, almost got me the Pixl 3 when it comes out next month, but something I said changed his mind.

I had my first meeting with the Department Director of my writing program and we shared our love of note taking everything.  Seriously, look at my house. There are notes everywhere. I even sit with both a pad of sticky notes and an opened spiral notebook and pen at my computer desk at all times.  While I’m on my computer. I stop to write notes. Not type them. Write them. It’s what I do. I remember better when I have to hand write something out. Hearing this, made him realize why I despise most smart phones so much.  That are all tappy screens and beeps. I can’t stand not fully writing out a word for a text and the thought of speaking notes to be transcribed by a machine baffles me. The compromise to get me to use the device more came in the Note 9.  I have a stylus now and all my text messages I hand write out. I actually teared up when he said he wanted me to have that phone because I write and its for writing. All $1000 dollars of it.

Realistically speaking, I didn’t need that phone.  I don’t need a phone at all. I don’t need to facebook people or stare at cat pictures between classes.  I don’t need to read twitter feeds of celebrities I’ll never be in the same state with, let alone meet. I don’t need to watch all the youtube videos I do about the topics I watch fro the luxury of my phone or computer screen, for that matter.  Do any of us really?

Yet, we all jump at the newest device out.  Several of my friends and fellow students live by their Iphones and Ipads, something I can’t understand as a Google user.  I like being able to access my content from any area, thank you very much. We all have our selfies and umpteen million cat photos saved to the cloud.  We all live for the next greatest Marvel movie or whatever franchise happens to be in the public’s hearts. Even our own politics is around this media push that makes us look more like a nation of commercials than of people.

And here I am blogging.  Blogs are a product of this new media age.  In fact, people make a living on blogs. Blogs are a sign of prominence.  Those that blog have intelligence and something important to share, in theory.  Yet, it is as simple to create for someone without a college degree or by someone without the patience to thoroughly research topics as it is for another in the tops of their fields.  Even for myself, I haven’t spent weeks on this topic. This blog is all surface thought. Are we a society lost to this surface thought? Are we lost to the deeper meanings out there. Given my aspiration in life is to tell stories of substance, thinking that the very substance and meaning i seek to the attain is the obsolete terrifies me.

It has terrified me enough to be silent for a week.

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