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Why Shee’s Wrath?

There was a time I thought to do this whole website in a clean and professional manner.  That hasn’t gone well. As I’ve come to accept, I can be professional, but there is and always will be a level of eccentric behavior to my being.  So I and my website are embracing this known fact.

Which comes to the title of this blog entry.  Why Shee’s Wrath?

The beginning of my stories will be of Shee’s Wrath.  As you will come to learn, a long and deep part of my roleplay world has been in and around a place called Second Life.  One day I’ll explain it in a detail to my liking, but for now suffice to say it’s a interactive social platform where everything is at the user’s discretion to make. Think Ready Player One without the 3D or full body interactions and you’re close.

I had begrudgingly returned to SL at the many, many, MANY urges of a friend I often would play with in various other platforms because they so badly wanted to RP with me in SL.  As I quickly found out, this was exclusively so. I do not care for that kind of roleplay. I can do short bursts, but if I cannot share stories with many others, then I get cranky.  This exclusivity meant that I needed to live and breathe this ‘friend’s’ character, so I was cranky. I knew the situation was bad when their solution to my need to explore was to say they were locking the door and chaining Shee to the bed.  My responses was a collective recoil within my being of ‘fuck you’. I fixed it, by as easily saying he would let the other THINK he was doing this and just walk out ree when he logged for the night. I met many of the players on my wanderings and mingled and became intrigued by the world being created around me.  I ended up taking a character that my friend wanted to be for themself alone, and I allowed my creativity to be free with the character to become a little icon of fae culture in this roleplaying world he exposed to me.

The night I fully freed myself, he was in the process of securing a ‘second’ plaything for his character in another mutual friend of ours.  Much like me, this friend did not want the outcome the first was imposing upon their character. Lucky for him, I was fed up with it all as was Shee.  True to Shee’s manner, he came in and took the newer character with him, effectively blowing off the other character as he walked out his home and business.  Shee knew he had no where in town, so the first thing I had to do was rent an apartment and business. Shee wouldn’t work for others, not after that. He was his own being and his own boss.  As a creature of the wilds, he needed to feel that freedom inherent in a place untouched by others.

I sat in the apartment’s I was going to rent with Mori, the friend I helped free, Scrythe, and our growing new friend, Shiita.  Shii was telling us stories about how he remembered us through a friend we shared, Anya, and the RPs she shared and the few times he got to meet us.  I couldn’t remember those times with him as they were brief, but at that point, we had a few great RPs together in that world and I was deeply enjoying the time with him.  We were thinking of business ideas of what my character would have and why he would do them.

The thing you need to know about me when I make characters is their motivations.  The bana’Shee is a being that thrives on chaos, but surprisingly in this, he plans.  It’s not deep planning and it has no true direction, but he plans enough to survive and suit his purpose for the time.  He was currently bitter to having someone attempt to cage him. Why would he stay when he felt the need to flee?

In the end, it was decided he would be staying so that he could gather his revenge.  Shee is a vengeful individual and if he was going to stay, then he would get even. He would make the other suffer as he suffered.  More than that, he also wanted to win. Not against the one that caged him, but against the arrogant vampire that tormented him.

You see, his leaving his cage was not only big on that notion that he was fighting for his independence, but it marked the first time he stood up to the big bad among the vampires in the roleplay, Shiita’s character.  It was the first time ANYONE really stood up to him and won. Before it was gentle prodding and keeping distances, but in that one RP, Shee staked his claim on people, stood his ground against the other and maintained it.  The battle of two adversaries had begun. The game was afoot! He wouldn’t just leave that, no matter how irritated he was.

But this didn’t answer the question of what he’d do.  That answer came shortly after the decision for revenge.  Shee, being of the fae, loved plantlife. There was a lack of around them, and he wanted to fix this.  In doing a revival of plantlife, he fell back on his apothecary skills and opened an apothecary and tea house.  If it was anything made with natural herbs, it was in this store.

There were many names we threw around, but in the end, we came up with one that has stuck over multiple RPs and into my very writing.  That… was Wrath. It is short for Wright’s Remedies, Alterations and Tea House. Shee’s human persona is named Nathyn Wright. It was fitting.  He was there out of anger. Wrath was his fuel. Wrath was his life. Shee’s Wrath started one of the greatest stories I’ve ever been a part of.

So to name my blog and all of my writing Shee’s Wrath is not only my way to pay thanks to that one roleplay I had years ago, but to carry on the ideal that everything you choose and do in a roleplay has an impact upon the story.  Everything you add, no matter how small it may seem has its purpose and place. Keeping this in your mind as your create gives a deeper meaning and tone to the world. It makes it more alive.

Wrath wasn’t the only shop I ever named in a roleplay. Between Mori and I, we had a pawn shop for a Vampire the Masquerade based roleplay called The Thrifty Gypsy. It was fitting as Mori’s character was a Ravnos and I his ghoul.  The shop’s motto was they buy, sell, or trade… anything. It was a secret implication of just how far they’d go for clients, human or otherwise. In a post apocalyptic world, I had a vampire character, my first. He made a porn shop his home and to give it a name that represented him; the shop named Hedonism.  That shop became one of the most popular shops while I was there and long after I left. The name stayed beyond the character. It was my little piece of legacy to a great story. I am still honored to know it always remained with the same name I gave it originally, even long after I had left.

Even in modern pop culture there are mainstays of places a specifically named setting that a story revolves around.  Dr. Who has the Tardis. Buffy had the Bronze. The X-Men have the school. Spider-Man worked at the Daily Bugle. A place one resides not only has enough character to it to be its own character, but it revolves so much around the story that without it, the world is empty and flat.  Shee’s Wrath is the root of it all, and for that will always have a name that lives and breathes. As I try and make this blog live and breathe, I will name it after the first place that lived and breathed for Shee. Welcome to Shee’s Wrath.

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